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An electric motor breakdown is never a good thing. It can set back your business, cause serious production delays, and also cost you a fortune. That’s why it’s important to know how often you should get your electric motors serviced. Our electric motor repair experts at North End Electric give you detailed information on what maintenance schedules to follow.

Policies For Electric Motor Repair

If you own a plant and are considering having your motors repaired, here are three important policies to follow to decide whether you need electric motor repair:

  • If your plant operates based on a preventive maintenance schedule, your electric motors will be repaired regularly. This is determined based on how often the machine is used and how old it is. If your motor needs new parts, this schedule will ensure that the parts are available at hand and you can order them in advance.
  • As trustworthy and reliable as these schedules are, your machine may not need as much servicing or reconditioning as it recommends. Be wary of excessive maintenance.
  • Breakdown maintenance, on the other hand, only occurs when a machine breaks down, instead of being scheduled in advance like preventative maintenance.

Types Of Maintenance Schedules

A breakdown maintenance policy is efficient as it only addresses issues when they arise and does not waste time on unnecessary maintenance. However, the lack of a schedule means that there is no way to anticipate and plan for unexpected downtime. This can be a major concern, particularly in manufacturing environments.

An alternative approach is to implement a predictive maintenance policy, where electric motors are serviced based on measurable conditions such as vibration, thermography, ultrasound, and temperature that indicate the need for repairs soon. This approach, known as reconditioning, helps to minimize both scheduled and unscheduled downtime and saves more time than other options. North End Electric has the right materials and training for electric motor repair in Scranton, PA.

Deciding Which Schedule To Follow

Plants will typically follow all three of these schedules rather than just one. Weight out the positives and negatives for each plan and think about the machines in your plant individually rather than picking one plan for all.

You should think about how frequently each machine is used. As the machines that are used the most will need servicing the most, meaning a regular preventative maintenance schedule would suffice. If you have the means to handle small repairs and maintenance in your plant, you should go with a breakdown maintenance plan for the relevant machines. It’s useful to look at your machine’s history in terms of breakdowns and repairs and decide how often they’ll need repairs.

Need Electric Motor Repair In Scranton PA?

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