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With more than 50 years of combined experience, Environmental Service Corp. has been helping car-washing businesses throughout Pennsylvania keep their facilities clean and functioning at peak performance levels. When you trust us with your commercial car wash cleaning services, we’ll make sure no stone is left unturned, and perform them as quickly as possible to reduce any downtime.

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    Our Car Wash Pit Cleaning Services


    If you’re wondering why car wash pit cleaning is so important, there are some essential things to consider. Firstly, cleaning services help increase the lifespan of your carwash equipment by reducing waste, like deicing materials, salt, debris, and dirt that has washed off your customers’ vehicles. This dirty water is often recycled and reused via rinse cycles. However, all that dirt and waste will wind up in your car wash business’s sludge pit.

    Periodically, cleaning out your car wash pits is important to remove sludge and chemical buildup and remain in compliance with local laws and ordinances.

    3 Benefits of Car Wash Pit Cleaning 

    Keeping your car wash business’s sludge pit clean offers several benefits including:

    • Increased Efficiency: Car wash pit cleaning saves time and money by helping you focus on the daily ins and outs of your business and not having to use personnel for pit cleaning, which is against Pennsylvania law. Hiring a professional crew will make certain all sludge is safely disposed of per the state’s legal guidelines.
    • It Keeps You, Your Customers, & the Environment Safe: Another important aspect of pit cleaning is that it keeps you, your staff, and customers, as well as the environment safe. Regular car wash pit cleaning helps keep any hazardous sludge and chemicals off your premises, and from polluting the environment.
    • Prevents Costly Downtime: When your car wash pits are full, they can often cause clogs in other areas of your car washing equipment, meaning costly downtime if not fixed ASAP. However, regular maintenance and cleaning can help avoid such breakdowns and repairs down the road.


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