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Environmental Service Corp. specializes in providing hi velocity line jetting solutions to commercial and industrial enterprises, as well as municipalities throughout the greater Pennsylvania area. When you trust our team of experienced professionals with your line jetting needs, you can always count on our solutions to be cost-effective and efficient.

With more than 50 years of combined experience, our technicians have worked on every type of job, big or small, providing exceptional customer service and results.

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    Why Choose Environmental Service Corp.?


    It’s no secret that over the years, even the most durable piping and sewage systems will experience clogs and even harmful root growth that needs to be removed and often, it requires more than a simple clean. That’s why our hi velocity line jetting services are designed to handle everything.

    Some of the foremost advantages of our line jetting solutions include:

    • Clearing Minor Clogs: Hi velocity line jetting services are an easy way to clear minor clogs to improve your drainage system. Normally, such clogs require snaking, which can be more time-consuming and costly. But hi velocity line jetting can blast out everything from small foliage growth to tree roots.
    • Cost Savings: Our hi velocity line jetting solutions can save you money on your water bills by increasing the efficiency of your piping, sewage, or drainage system. By removing clogs and debris, we help your system function much more efficiently, in addition to preventing damage and corrosion caused by clogged pipes.
    • No Dangerous Chemicals: Environmental Service Corp. is committed to providing the most eco-friendly services available, which is why we don’t employ any harmful chemicals during the line jetting process. Employing such chemicals in your piping systems and septic tanks can actually kill the good bacteria that help break down waste naturally.
    • Eliminating Harmful Bacteria: Not all the bacteria that collect in your drainage system will be beneficial and line jetting can help you eliminate the harmful ones. Not only will hydro-jetting help eliminate harmful bacteria before wastewater is sent to the treatment plant, but odors as well.
    • Preventing Future Problems: In addition to the benefits above, investing in line jetting services helps reduce the chance of future issues, such as pipe damage, clogs, and other costly repairs. By removing soap, dirt, and other debris, you can get the longest lifespan out of your system.

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