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At Environmental Service Corp. our team of experienced professionals specializes in providing hydro excavation services throughout Pennsylvania for projects of any size. We work with many municipalities in the area to deliver efficient and affordable excavation services with minimal disruption and property damage. Our hydro excavation solutions enable us to employ innovative technology that speeds up the removal of dirt and debris while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of your property.

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    Why Choose Environmental Service Corp.?


    When you enlist the help of Environmental Services Corp. for your hydro excavation, we employ advanced equipment that uses pressurized water to extract dirt, soil, and other debris, and then specialized vacuum equipment to transfer this waste to a tank. The process makes it much easier to locate and install underground utilities.

    For colder climates that experience harsher winters, like Pennsylvania, the hydro excavation process can still be performed even in the coldest of weather by using heated water, enabling us to work on projects all year round.

    It’s often used for such applications as:

    • Daylighting
    • Potholing
    • Line & Sign Installation or Location
    • Pole Installation
    • Pipe & Sewer Installation or Repairs
    • & Landscaping 


    What Are the Benefits of Hydro Excavation? 

    • Efficiency & Accuracy: Since there is less machinery and manual labor involved when compared to other excavation alternatives, hydro excavation can be much more efficient. It’s also much more accurate for locating pipes and sewer lines.
    • Safety: Due to its accuracy and easy execution, hydro excavation is much safer for those working on projects, as well as property owners.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Since there is less of a chance of causing property damage and it’s a much less hazardous method of excavation, hydro excavation can help municipalities save money on their most important projects. It also minimizes the chance of damaging piping and underground wiring installations, further saving money on repair costs.
    • Reduced Liability: Piggybacking off the points above, since hydro excavation is safer it also minimizes liability for both you and our team, which is fully insured for all contingencies.


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