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At Environmental Service Corp. our team of experienced professionals specializes in providing municipalities and businesses with hydro excavation in Northeastern Pennsylvania. This innovative process lets us speed up the removal of dirt and debris from your work site while maintaining the aesthetic beauty of the area and minimizing disruption.

ESC-PA is a locally owned hydro excavation company that partners with municipalities and businesses throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. Contact us below, and we’ll respond within 24 hours!

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    What Is Hydro Excavation?

    Hydro excavation is a more effective and efficient form of excavation in which we use highly pressurized water to break up soil, turn it into a slurry, and then remove it from the work site by vacuum.

    Hydro excavation is environmentally safe and won’t damage buried utilities or tree roots. Also, since we immediately vacuum the loosened soil onto a truck, we don’t have to devote resources to site cleanup, which saves your project time and money.

    Our Leak Detection Services

    Our municipal and commercial hydro excavation has numerous advantages over standard excavation processes:

    • Efficiency & Accuracy: Hydro excavation can be much more efficient and accurate for locating pipes and sewer lines since we employ less machinery and manual labor than conventional excavation methods.
    • Safety: Hydro excavation is safer for project workers and property owners due to its accuracy and ease of execution.
    • Cost-Effectiveness: Since hydro excavation is less likely to cause property damage, it can help municipalities and businesses save money on their most important projects.
    • Weather-Resistant: We use heated water to perform hydro excavation in colder climates, such as Pennsylvania’s. This enables us to work on projects all year round.
    • Reduced Liability: The safety of hydro excavation minimizes liability for our customers and ourselves (though we are fully insured for all contingencies).

    What Are the Uses for Municipal and Commercial Hydro Vac Excavation in Northeastern Pennsylvania?

    Our hydro vac excavation in Northeastern Pennsylvania has numerous applications for municipalities and businesses.

    Municipal Uses

    • Utility Locating and Potholing: Precise water jets safely expose underground utilities for repair, maintenance, or new installations without risking damage.
    • Trenching and Slot Trenching: Hydro excavation creates narrow, clean trenches for installing new water lines, sewer pipes, electrical conduits, or fiber optic cables. This minimizes disruption to roads and sidewalks.
    • Sewer Line Repair: Our water jets expose sewer lines for repairs without the need for trenching. We can also use hydro excavation to clear clogged drains and sewer systems.
    • Daylighting: Hydro excavation allows for a safe and controlled way to expose buried utilities or structures for inspection or maintenance.
    • Cleaning Sewer Manholes: High-pressure jets are the most effective way to clear debris from inside manholes.
    • Storm Drain Cleaning: The high-pressure water jets can effectively clean clogged storm drains, preventing flooding and improving drainage efficiency.

    Commercial Uses

    • Underground Utility Work: As with municipalities, we use our hydro vacuum excavation to locate and expose underground utilities during commercial construction projects.
    • Building Demolition: We can use water jets for certain demolition tasks, minimizing damage to surrounding structures.
    • Site Development: Hydro excavation is perfect for preparing a construction site for foundations, footings, or underground structures.
    • Landscaping: The safety of hydro excavation means we can clean areas of earth around trees, shrubs, and other landscaping without damaging roots.
    • Underground Storage Tanks: Hydro excavation is a safe and efficient way to expose and service underground storage tanks.

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    Environmental Service Corp. is a locally owned hydro excavation contractor serving Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. Our professional and fully licensed team provides exceptional service at reasonable prices.

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    Environmental Service Corp., based in Clarks Summit, PA, also serves surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Contact us today to see if we service your area. 

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    Environmental Service Corp. is a locally owned hydro excavation company in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We proudly offer professional, fair, and affordable hydro vac excavation services.

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