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At Environmental Service Corp., we understand the importance of helping municipalities maintain their wastewater systems. That’s why for decades we’ve been providing the very best waste removal and wastewater management solutions in Pennsylvania, including municipal sewer manhole cleaning.

Our team of experienced experts can help ensure the proper flow and structural integrity of your sewer manholes by delivering thorough cleaning services. Proper cleaning will not only protect and extend the lifespan of your sewer manholes but also increase efficiency when it comes to the drainage of wastewater. Environmental Service Corp. can develop a monthly maintenance plan to prevent overflow or backups to your commercial and residential clients.

In addition to cleaning, we can also provide solutions to strengthen your manholes and prevent leaks and corrosion.

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    Why Choose Environmental Service Corp.?

    The team at Environmental Service Corp. boasts a combined 50 years of industry experience. Over the years, we’ve become known throughout the state of Pennsylvania for delivering affordable commercial, residential, and municipal waste removal and wastewater management services that are efficient and effective.


    In addition to our municipal manhole cleaning services, we’re also equipped to provide
    bulk liquid hauling and disposal services, high-pressure line jetting solutions, and facilities operations and management services.

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