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Water Line Replacement and Repair in Northeastern Pennsylvania

The water main lines that run underground on your municipal, commercial, or residential property supply you with the water you need to live and work. Even a small leak in the lines can discolor your water or lower the water pressure on your structure. In extreme cases, you may get no water at all.

Environmental Service Corp. offers professional water line replacement and repair in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We are a locally owned company that offers affordable pricing on all our water-management solutions. Whether you have a leak or want to replace galvanized water pipes, we can resolve the issue.

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    Our Water Line Replacement and Repair Services

    We are experts in water line maintenance at Environmental Service Corp. Even if you don’t know what’s causing the problem in your home, business, or municipality, let us know what’s happening, and we’ll identify the issue when we arrive on-site.

    Remember: the water main from the street to the water meter is the responsibility of the municipality or utility company. Property owners are responsible for repairing or replacing damaged main lines that run from the meter (usually at or near the sidewalk) to the structure.

    Here are the ways we can service your damaged water main lines:

    Water Line Replacement

    Many older homes have water lines made of clay or galvanized steel. Those materials were standard in their day, but we now know them to be inferior to copper water pipes. Plant roots can easily penetrate and compromise clay lines, while galvanized pipes are subject to interior corrosion and rust after many years.

    • If you know your property’s water line is clay or galvanized, you should have it replaced as soon as possible.
    • We can replace the main water line from the meter to your house or business.
    • These projects can be complex, but they may just avoid larger inconveniences later and even prevent health problems arising from corrosion in your water supply.

    Water Line Repair

    Sometimes, we only have to repair your main water line rather than replace the whole thing. This could be because there’s only a tiny leak in the line or because the damage is limited to just one section of the line.

    This is how we approach water line repairs:

    • The severity of the damage determines how we repair the line.
    • A small leak might only need a clamp or interior pipe lining.
    • More significant damage can require us to dig a trench around the line in your yard and repair it directly, either by fixing what’s there or replacing a section of the line.

    After the repair, we’ll test the water pressure on your property to ensure we found all the leaks.

    Trenchless Water Line Repair

    At Environmental Services Corp., we are sensitive to the fact that you may not want us to excavate your front lawn to access your line. We are happy to offer trenchless water line repair so we can complete your job with minimal damage to the ground.

    Here’s what to know about our trenchless water line repairs:

    • This method only requires us to dig two access holes at either end of the water line and work on it from there.
      • We can approach the repair in multiple ways depending on the damage.
      • We may only need to seal the joints in a section of the pipe.
      • In other cases, we inflate a new pipe inside an older one to form a new line.
      • With heavy line damage, we can use a bursting head to burrow through the old pipe and break it apart while pulling a new pipe behind it.
    • While trenchless water line repairs aren’t always possible, we are happy to accommodate where we can to leave your property mostly undisturbed.

    Areas We Serve

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    • Wyoming County

    Environmental Service Corp., based in Clarks Summit, PA, also serves surrounding areas of Pennsylvania, New York, and New Jersey. Contact us today to see if we service your area. 

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