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With more than five decades of combined experience in the waste removal and wastewater management sector, Environmental Service Corp. has developed an outstanding reputation in Northeastern Pennsylvania for providing efficient and affordable municipal and commercial excavation services. Our technicians have extensive experience in the field and are fully licensed, so you can rest assured we provide the very best service for your excavation project.

We are a locally owned excavation company that partners with municipalities and businesses to provide the best excavation services in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Use the form below to contact us – we’ll respond within 24 hours!

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    Our Commercial and Municipal Excavation Services in Northeastern Pennsylvania

    Our professional team of technicians at Environmental Service Corp. offers the following excavation services for businesses and municipalities throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania:


    Site-Development Services

    We are an experienced site-development company that can excavate and clear areas for new municipal or commercial construction of all scales. We take pride in our detailed site preparation, which could include:

    • Removing existing structures or vegetation
    • Grading the land for proper drainage and foundation stability
    • Leveling the ground to meet specific construction plans
    • Hauling away excess materials and debris

    Municipal site-development projects we can work on include:

    • Water and sewer systems
    • Transportation infrastructure
    • Parks and recreation facilities
    • Flood-control and drainage infrastructure
    • Public buildings
    • Sidewalks
    • Public schools

    We are also available for commercial site-development work on:

    • Retail stores
    • Shopping centers
    • Office buildings
    • Industrial facilities
    • Parking lots
    • Transportation hubs
    • Recreational facilities
    • Sports fields

    We would be happy to consult with you on developing your municipal or commercial site.


    Drainage & Grading Solutions

    We’re also happy to partner with municipalities and businesses on excavation for water drainage and grading.

    We can create intricate stormwater management systems to:

    • Control rainwater runoff and prevent flooding
    • Direct water away from buildings and foundations
    • Replenish groundwater supplies through infiltration techniques

    We also work closely with utility companies to integrate or excavate underground pipes, sanitary sewer systems, water supply lines, storm drains, electrical conduits, and communication cables.


    Disposal & Demolition

    Make ESC-PA your first call when you need an experienced building demolition company in Northeastern Pennsylvania. We can demolish a building or structure and haul away the debris during your excavation. We have all the necessary equipment to provide a thorough and expedient job.

    Environmental Service Corp. prioritizes safety and eco-friendly practices during all municipal and commercial demolition projects. We offer:

    • Controlled demolition techniques to minimize dust and noise
    • Segregation and recycling of materials whenever possible
    • Proper disposal of hazardous waste according to regulations

    We can also remove existing building foundations, concrete slabs, basements, and footings to prepare a site for new construction.


    Sewer Line Excavation

    Our team of technicians is trained to provide sewer line excavation throughout Northeastern Pennsylvania for municipalities and commercial businesses that need to repair or replace sewer lines.

    Our team of technicians can perform open-cut trenching for lateral sewer connections as well as trenchless sewer line repair to minimize disruption at the site. Our trenchless sewer line repair services include:

    • Pipe bursting: Fractures the old pipe and replaces it with a new one simultaneously.
    • Pipe lining: Creates a cured-in-place epoxy lining inside the existing pipe.
    • Horizontal directional drilling: Installs new sewer lines underground with minimal excavation.

    We are also experts in upgrading on-site septic systems, which could involve:

    • Installing new septic tanks and drain fields
    • Repairing or replacing existing septic systems
    • Complying with local regulations for septic system maintenance

    Once we break ground on any new project, our team stays in clear communication with you every step of the way, so you know precisely what’s being done, and when the project is scheduled to be completed.

    Why Choose Environmental Service Corp. as Your Excavation Company in Northeastern Pennsylvania?

    Our fully licensed technicians sit down with you to discuss your needs and expectations and then develop an action plan to execute the project in as little time as possible. We customize all our services based on the details of your project. With our unmatched customer service and affordable pricing, we are proud to be your trusted, locally owned municipal and commercial excavation company serving all of Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond.

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    When you need quality excavation services for any municipal or commercial project, Environmental Service Corp. is always available to meet your needs. Learn more about our services by completing our online contact form. We’ll be in touch within 24 hours!